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BSA law firm it is the result of the extensive experience of its members. We commit with each of our clients and their needs. Our experience in the corporate law sphere and previous experience working in government institutions help us to provide a comprehensive service to our clients throughout Central America.

Areas of specialization

  • Public Law
  • Administrative Contracting and Public Governmental Works and Infrastructure
  • Expropriations
  • Environmental law
  • Litigation
  • Corporate law
  • Family law
  • Civil and Labor Law
  • Funds in Trust and inheritance
  • Criminal law


Our most recognized areas of specialization: Public and Administrative law, expropriations, Corporate Law, Civil Law, Labor Law and Criminal Law.

Public Law

We have extensive experience advising public institutions, national and foreign companies, in their relations with the Costa Rican government in areas such as management contracts, arbitration and judicial litigation in the Administrative Disput Court. BSA Lawyers has a first-class and multidisciplinary team that allows us to implement the best strategies to enhance the best possible options.

Administrative Contracting and Public Governmental Works and Infrastructure

We have extensive experience in Administrative Contracting and Public Governmental Works and Infrastructure. We optimize the management to participate in the processes of Public Tenders, Direct Contracting and the Registration of Governmental Suppliers. Our vision is based on the experience on different public institutions, our clients' relationships with the Public sector, from infrastructure to Telecommunications contracting, optimizing resources to support the growth of our clients.

Corporate law

Corporate advice is related to the various aspects and legal needs of clients, providing a comprehensive service in contractual matters, the creation and restructuring of commercial companies, corporate mergers, review and analysis of titles and documents, among others. This advice includes permanent legal guidance, both in investment decisions and commercial contracting, from day-to-day aspects, to the validation of information and requirements (diu diligence) for highly complex operations and their regulations.

Civil and Labor Law

This area incorporates services related to all types of civil and labor litigation, in all stages of the procedure, both ordinary and special, from preventive advice to execution of judgment. It also includes services and support related to arbitration, alternative conflict resolution (RAC Law), legal negotiation, as well as the filing of collective actions according to special laws and regulations.

Funds in Trust and inheritance

Drafting of Guarantee, testamentary and administration Trusts.

Criminal law

In construction


Our firm has a wide portfolio of clients, from all economic sectors, both the public and private.

  • Costa Rican Petrol Refinary (RECOPE)
  • National Parks Foundation
  • Neotropical Foundation
  • CEMEX: Mexican Cements Costa Rica
  • IDA: Costa Rica Agrarian Institute of Development
  • Foreign Commerce Chamber of Costa Rica (CRECEX)
  • Exporters Chamber of Costa Rica (CADEXCO)
  • Bar of Engineers and Architects of Costa Rica
  • Bar of Lawyers of Costa Rica
  • Wildlife Conservation Society Costa Rica (WCS)
  • The Leatherback Trust (US NGO)
  • Panthera Corporation (US NGO)
  • Endangered Wildlife Trust (British Charity)
  • Rainforest Concern (British Charity)


We make great efforts to give great value to our services. In our law firm we have the best specialists in various branches of law and have formed an interdisciplinary team capable to better assume today´s challenges today.

Carlos Fernández Alfaro


Melvin Reyes Durán


Sergio Valverde Bermúdez


Ana Victoria Mora Mora


Julie Miranda Carmona


Ricardo Chacón Cuadra


Rafael Gullock


Max Rudin Herrera

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